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Sinkhole: Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Hye Jun

sinkhole korean movie
Credit: The Tower Pictures

General Information

  • International Title: Sinkhole
  • Original Title: 싱크홀 (romanization: Singkeuhol)
  • Genre: Disaster, Comedy, Drama
  • Runtime: 117 minutes
  • Released Date: 2021.08.11
  • Production: The Tower Pictures
  • International Distributor: Showbox
  • Starring: Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Hye Jun
  • Producer: Lee Soo Nam & Kim Yang Yeon
  • Director: Kim Ji Hoon
  • Writer: Jeon Cheol Hong & Kim Jeong Han
  • Rating: IMDb (6.1/10)
  • Awards: N/A


Sinkhole is disaster comedy Korean movie portraying a couple of people who are trapped in a massive sinkhole. Jung Man Soo is one of Chungwoon apartment building residents. He lives with his son and struggles to raise his son. Meanwhile, Park Dong Won is an office worker who successfully purchases his own home. One day, he holds a party and invite his co-worker to his home. Unfortunately, an overnight heavy rain causes an extreme massive sinkhole and engulfs that apartment building. The residents are trapped inside and try to rescue before the heavy rain fills the sinkhole.

Main Cast

sinkhole korean movie cha seung won
Credit: The Tower Pictures

Character name: Jung Man Soo
Actor name: Cha Seung Won
Cha Seung Won’s notable works: Night in Paradise, Cheer Up Mr. Lee, One Ordinary Day, A Korean Odyssey, Hwajung, You’re All Surrounded, The Greatest Love, Athena: Goddess of War, etc

kim sung kyun movie 2021

Credit: The Tower Pictures

Character name: Park Dong Won
Actor name: Kim Sung Kyun
Kim Sung Kyun’s notable works: Phantom Detective, Hwayi: A Monster Boy, Secretly Greatly, The Neighbors, Grid, D.P., The Fiery Priest, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Reply 1988, etc

sinkhole korean movie lee kwang soo
Credit: The Tower Pictures

Character name: Kim Seung Hyun
Actor name: Lee Kwang Soo
Lee Kwang Soo’s notable works: Happy New Year, Tazza: One Eyed Jack, Inseparable Bros, The Murderer’s Shopping List, The Sound of Your Heart, Entourage, The Innocent Man, City Hunter, etc

kim hye jun movie 2021
Credit: The Tower Pictures

Character name: Hong Eun Joo
Actress name: Kim Hye Jun
Kim Hye Jun’s notable works: Another Child, Inspector Koo, Chip In, Kingdom Season 2, Kingdom, Rain or Shine, Dr. Romantic, etc

Extended Cast

Nam Da Reum as Jung Seung Tae
Kim Hong Fa as General Manager Seo
Ko Chang Seok as rescue captain
Lee Hak Joo as Deputy Jung
Kwon So Hyun as Young Yi
Han Hye Rin as Ahn Hyo Jung
Kim Jae Hwa as Kyung Mi
Na Chul as Min Joon
Jung Yun Ha as young mom
Jang Gwang as laundryman
Jung Young Sook as Mrs. Oh
Jung Eun Mi as Mrs. Oh’s daughter
Oh Ja Hoon as Sung Hoon
Lee Joo Mi as Taebo fitness member

Character Relationship Chart


Original Soundtrack

Music by Kim Tae Seong

Teaser & Trailer Videos

Awards & Nominations

42nd Blue Dragon Film Awards – November 26, 2021


  • The filming began in August 2019 and finished in December 2020
  • Sinkhole Korean movie was premiered at 74th Locarno Film Festival on August 6, 2021 in Piazza Grande section
  • It was invited at several international movie festivals such as 2021 Vancouver International Film Festival, 27th Sarajevo Film Festival, and 26th Busan International Film Festival

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