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EXO Chen Profile, Facts, and TMI

Chen Profile

  • Birth Name: 김종대 (Kim Jongdae)
  • Stage Name: Chen
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1992.09.21
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
  • Height: 172.5 cm (5’6”)
  • Weight: 60 kg (132.2 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Personal Social Media: Youtube

Chen Facts & TMI

  • Chen was born in Daejeon then grew up in Siheung.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older brother (Kim Jongdeok born 1990).
  • In January 2020 he married his girlfriend, who gave birth to a daughter on April 29, 2020.
  • Chen is a catholic, his baptism name is Mateo.
  • His stage name ‘Chen’ means morning or daybreak.
  • Chen debuted as a member of EXO-M alongside Xiumin.
  • His ‘superpower’ in EXO is lightning/ thunder.
  • His position is main vocal (in EXO-M, EXO, EXO-CBX).
  • He was recommended for an audition in SM Entertainment by his vocal trainer.
  • Chen auditioned for SM Entertainment when he was in 3rd grade of high school, he entered the agency around May 2011.
  • He was cast through the same audition as Baekhyun.
  • Chen and Baekhyun trained for the shortest time in EXO, they both only trained for 11 months.
  • He is one of EXO’s beagle line, alongside Baekhyun and Chanyeol.
  • Although he has a kind and cheerful personality.
  • According to himself, he is not good at aegyo.
  • He has no fears.
  • He is in charge of EXO’s high notes.
  • Prior to his debut as EXO member, he sang an opening for ‘SM Hallyu Orchestra’ stage in SBS Gayo Daejun on December 29, 2011.
  • He couldn’t dance well in EXO’s early debut days, but he improved a lot in recent years.
  • He participated as a contestant in King of Masked Singer episode 21~22 under the alias ‘Legendary Guitarman’.
  • He made his debut as a musical actor through ‘in The Heights’ in 2015.
  • He released a mini-album 7 years after debut with ‘April, and a Flower’ on April 1st, 2019, followed by ‘Dear my dear’ on October 1st.
  • The single from the album ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ was a commercial success, sold more than 200,000 copies, placing 41st on 2019 Gaon Digital Chart, and won two music show awards.
  • Chen sang OSTs for 8 different dramas, some of them are ‘The Best Luck’ (It’s Okay, That’s Love), ‘Everytime’ (Descendants of the Sun), ‘For You’ with Baekhyun and Xiumin (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo), ‘Cherry Blossom Love Song’ (100 Days My Prince).
  • Chen learned Chinese when he was in the second grade of high school.
  • He is good at giving fanservice to fans, he remembers many fans that came to his fan signing events, thus fans nicknamed him ‘the fansign boyfriend’.
  • He has Indian dimples when he smiles.
  • He said he doesn’t gain weight easily.
  • He doesn’t like food that smells fishy like oyster and salted seafood.
  • Chen said that he wanted to use JD as his stage name, but SM’s CEO Lee Sooman gave him the name ‘Chen’ instead.
  • In their early debut days, Kai called Chen ‘my son’ and Sehun called him ‘Jongtai’.
  • His shoe size is 250mm.
  • He’s good at speaking in Gyeongsang-do dialect.
  • Chen has two moles above his right eyebrow, and one on his forehead.
  • He’s a fan of the baseball team Hanwha Eagles.
  • He learned taekwondo in his childhood.
  • He doesn’t cry easily.
  • His clothing measurements are medium for tops and 28 for pants.
  • Chen is a member of Gimhae Kim’s clan.
  • Fans nicknamed him ‘Kim Dajeong’ (the word ‘dajeong’ means sweet) because of his sweet gestures toward fans during fan signing.

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