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Let Me Be Your Knight (I Will Be Your Night)

Korean Drama Let Me Be Your Knight: Cast, Synopsis, Trivia

Let Me be Your Knight aka I'll Be Your Night

General Information

  • International Title: Let Me Be Your Knight
  • Original Title: 너의 밤이 되어줄게 (romanization: Neoye bam-i dwaeojulke)
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Musical
  • No. of Episode: 12
  • Airing Date: 2021.11.07 ~ 2022.01.23
  • Airing Slot: Monday – Tuesday at 23:05
  • Broadcasting Channel: SBS
  • International Distributor: iQIYI, Rakuten VIKI, Now TV
  • Starring: Jung In Sun, Lee Junyoung, Jang Dong Joo, Kim Jonghyun (NUEST’s JR), Yoon Jisung (Wanna One), Kim Donghyun (AB6IX)
  • Director: Ahn Ji Sook
  • Screenwriter: Lee Jae Yoon, Kim So Yi
  • Highest Rating: TBA
  • Awards: TBA


‘Let Me Be Your Knight’ is a drama surrounding a fake doctor and an idol group. Due to a misunderstanding, In Yoon Joo (Jung In Sun) is “forced” to be a doctor. She has to cure the sleepwalking habit of LUNA’s leader Yoon Tae In (Lee Junyoung).

As an in-house doctor, In Yoon Joo is now living together with LUNA’s members: Yoon Tae In, Seoo Woo Yeon (Jang Dong Joo), Lee Shin (NUEST’s JR), Kim Yoo Chan (Yoon Jisung), and Woo Ga On (Kim Donghyun).


I'll Be Your Night Jung In Sun

Character: In Yoon Joo
Portrayed by: Jung In Sun
Jung In Sun’s notable works: Welcome to Waikiki (2018), My Secret Terius (2018), Psychopath’s Diary (2019)

I Will Be Your Night Jun

Character: Yoon Tae In (Guitarist, vocalist, and keyboardist of LUNA)
Portrayed by: Lee Junyoung
Lee Junyoung’s notable works: Avengers Social Club (2017), Class of Lies (2019), Good Casting (2020), Imitation (2021), D.P. (2021)

Let Me Be Your Knight Jang Dong Joo

Character: Seo Woo Yeon (Guitarist of LUNA)
Portrayed by: Jang Dong Joo
Jang Dong Joo’s notable works: School (2017), Criminal Mind (2017), Class of Lies (2019)

Character: Lee Shin (Bassist of LUNA)
Portrayed by: Kim Jonghyun/ NUEST’s JR
Kim Jonghyun’s notable works: N/A

Yoon Jisung

Character: Kim Yoo Chan (Drummer of LUNA)
Portrayed by: Yoon Jisung
Yoon Jisung’s notable works: N/A

Character: Woo Ga On (Guitarist of LUNA)
Portrayed by: Kim Donghyun
Kim Donghyun’s notable works: Convenience Store Fling (2021)

Extended Cast

Park Kwang Jae
Ma Sung Min as Kwak Doo Pal
Seo Hye Won
Park So Eun
Lee Se Chang as Jang Chun Sik
Park Ji Won as Hyo Min
Kwak Ja Hyung as Moon Pil Soon/ CEO Moon
Choi Hwan Yi as Gil Soon Nam
Lee Yong Yi as Chorong
Park Hye Jin as Myung Ja
Ha Young
Kim Kyung Ho as Sang Hoon

Cameo & Special Appearance


Character Relationship Chart


Original Soundtrack


Trailer Videos

1st Teaser
2nd Teaser

Awards & Nominations



  • The drama’s initial title was ‘Idol’s Doctor’ but changed to ‘Let Me Be Your Knight’.
  • It was supposed to air in the first half of 2021, but has been postponed to the second half 2021.
  • This is Jang Dong Joo, Kim Jonghyun, and Yoon Jisung’s first leading roles.
  • 4 of the casts (Lee Junyoung, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Donghyun, Yoon Jisung) are idol-actor.
  • Kim Jonghyun, Yoon Jisung, and Kim Donghyun were contestant in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’.
  • Lee Junyoung and Jang Dong Joo acted together in the drama ‘Class of Lies’ in 2019.
  • Before the filming, the cast have been learning to play instruments assigned for their character.

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