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Move to Heaven

Move to Heaven: Lee Jehoon, Tang Joonsang, Hong Seunghee

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Credit: Netflix

General Information

  • International Title: Move to Heaven
  • Original Title: 무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다 (romanization: Naneun Yoopoomjeongnisaimnida)
  • Genre: Family, Drama, Life
  • No. of Episode: 10
  • Released Date: 2021.05.14
  • Broadcasting Channel: Netflix
  • International Distributor: Netflix
  • Starring: Lee Jehoon, Tang Joonsang, Hong Seunghee
  • Director: Kim Sungho
  • Screenwriter: Yoon Jiryeon
  • Awards: N/A

Move to Heaven Synopsis

Han Geuru, a young man with Asperger syndrome, has to take over his late father’s business named Move to Heaven. His job is to arrange belongings left by the deceased people and to give those belongings to their family. Suddenly Cho Sanggu, his uncle, appears to be his guardian after released from jail. Cho Sanggu was a former underground MMA fighter who used to live in a mess. He helps Geuru to run Move to Heaven and surprisingly both can bond each other.

Main Cast

lee jehoon move to heaven drama
Credit: Netflix

Character name: Cho Sanggu
Actor name: Lee Jehoon
Lee Jehoon’s notable works: Time to Hunt, Architecture 101, Taxi Driver, Where Stars Land, Tomorrow with You, Signal, Fashion King

tang joonsang move to heaven kdrama

Credit: Netflix

Character name: Han Geuru
Actor name: Tang Joonsang
Tang Joonsang’s notable works: Racket Boys, Crash Landing on You

hong seunghee
Credit: Netflix

Character name: Yoon Namu
Actress name: Hong Seunghee
Hong Seunghee’s notable works: Navillera, Memorist, Voice 3

Extended Cast

Ji Jinhee as Han Jeongwoo
Lee Moonsik as Park Jootaek
Lim Wonhee as Lawyer Oh Hyunchang
Yang Hongseok as Police officer Park Junyeong
Jung Sukyong as Yoon Youngsoo
Park Jungwon as Kim Sujin
Jung Youngjoo as Oh Miran
Jung Aeyoun as Madam Jung
Yoon Jihye as prosecutor Lee Juyeong

Cameo & Special Appearance

Lee Jaewook as Kim Sucheol
Sooyoung as Son Woorim
Lee Re as Cha Eunbyeol (Ep. 10)
Kwon Soohyun as Jung Soohyun (Ep. 5)
Lee Kiyoung as Jung Soohyun’s dad (Ep. 5)
Jeong Donghwan as Kim Insu (Ep. 6)
Hong Jingi as Kim Seonu (Ep. 1)
Lee Jungeun as Kim Seonu’s mom (Ep. 1)
Jung Chunggu as Kim Seonu’s dad (Ep. 1)
Seo Jeongsik as Lim Yeonggeun (Ep. 1)
Jung Sori as nurse Kim (Ep. 1)
Lee Joosil as Lee Yeongsun (Ep. 3)
Sung Nojin as Park Cheolwoo (Ep. 2-3)
An Minyoung as young Lee Yeongsun (Ep. 3)
Lee Woosung as young Park Cheolwoo (Ep. 3)
Lee Eol as tailor (Ep. 3)
Park Shinah as Lee Seonyeong (Ep. 4)
Shin Suoh as Kim Yongu (Ep. 4)
Ha Siyeon as Kim Eunmi (Ep. 4)
CHoi Junghwa as Kang Mihee (Ep. 4)
Kim Dohyon as Ian Park (Ep. 5)
Park Suna as Jung Soohyun’s mom (Ep. 5)
Kang Aeshim as Lee Miseon (Ep. 6)
Han Seojin as Minji (Ep. 6)
Yun Jusang as Chairman No (Ep. 6)
Kevin Oh as Matthew Green (Ep. 9)
Yoosun as Kang Eunjeong (Ep. 9)
Jang Hojun as Han Geuru (child)
Jin Yuchan as Cho Sanggu (child)
Ahn Jiho as Han Jeongwoo (young)
Kim Juyeon as Min Jiwon (Ep. 10)

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Move to Heaven Trivia

  • Move to Heaven is based on the true story of Kim Saebyul, a former trauma cleaner
  • Lee Jehoon learns boxing to live up Cho Sanggu character
  • It presents the special cameos such as Lee Jaewook, SNSD’s Soyoung, and PENTAGON‘s Hongseok
  • This Netflix drama brings various spectrum of social issues in South Korea like bullying, domestic violence, illegal fighting, gambling, and the abandoned people

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