Kdrama Quiz: Find Your Girl Crush from Han So Hee Character in Drama!

han so hee drama character quiz
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Han So Hee drama list seems getting diverse in 2021. Besides, her various characters in drama show her acting spectrum. Han So Hee features the different colors of female characters. Which Han So Hee drama character that will be your girl crush? We pick three characters from her notable works: Yu Na Bi (Nevertheless), Yoon Ji Woo (My Name), and Yeo Da Kyung (The World of the Married).

  • Question of

    Pick your OOTD style

    • Feminine
      via Pinterest
    • han so hee drama nevertheless fashion
      Source: Cleo Madison
    • han so hee drama my name fashion
      Source: Smart Proent
  • Question of

    Your ideal boyfie

    song kang - han so hee drama costar
    • Maturer man
    • Same age
    • I have no specific requirement
  • Question of

    Which one that you’ll probably date

    han so hee drama nevertheless
    • Successful man/ Entrepreneur
    • The coolest boy at school/ college
    • Co-worker / partner
  • Question of

    What’s the biggest obstacle in your relationship?

    han so hee drama my name
    • Having an affair
    • Toxic relationship
    • Dilemma between love and career
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    What’s your definition of love?

    han so hee drama the world of the married
    • Fight for your love no matter what
    • Love is when we could accept him unconditionally
    • Love leads you to goodness
  • Question of

    Pick one subject you are interested to learn

    han so hee drama the world of the married
    • Business
    • Arts
    • Laws


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