Squid Game Character Quiz: Will You Survive and Grab the Money?

squid game character quiz
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Each Squid Game character is definitely complex besides its gripping and tense plot. Squid Game puts people in the line between life and death. You can’t simply judge the character based on their decision. After all, human is human. The strongest survives. Which Squid Game character that suits your personality? Will you survive and win the money? Live or die, your character matters!

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    What’s your biggest motivation in life?

    squid game drama cast
    • Self and family wealth
    • Success and career goals
    • Pleasures of life
    • Family happiness
    • Family wealth
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    Pick the most memorable childhood game!

    squid game netflix
    • Fort game
    • Marbles
    • Hide and seek
    • Hopscotch
    • Tug of war
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    What’s the key for success?

    squid game cast and character
    • Luck
    • Intelligence
    • No absolute determiner
    • Courage/ ambition
    • Power
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    What will you do with 1 million dollars?

    squid game episode 1
    • Financially support family/ parents
    • Investment
    • Having fun like crazy rich
    • Traveling
    • Saving the money then being settled down
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    Pick the character which represents your personality!

    squid game cast and character
    • Sympathetic
    • Smart
    • Laid-back
    • Bold and independent
    • Loyal


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