Twenty Five Twenty One Character Quiz: Find Out Your School Bestie!

twenty five twenty one character quiz
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Every Twenty Five Twenty One character is captivating in their own way. Imagine we attended the same high school with them, it must be cool if we had bestie like them. Every day is so fun at school and no more skip the class, right? Or, we could skip the class together LOL?! Let’s take this fun quiz to find out which Twenty Five Twenty One character who will be your bestie at school!

  • Question of

    What’s your MBTI type (or closest to your actual result?)

    twenty five twenty one character
    • INFJ
    • ESFP
    • ISTJ
    • ESTP
    • ESTJ
  • Question of

    Pick a character that describes you most!

    twenty five twenty one kim tae ri
    • Mature
    • Fun
    • Cool
    • Easy going
    • Smart
  • Question of

    What kind of extracurricular do/did you join at school?

    twenty five twenty one fencing
    • Journalism
    • Basketball
    • Athletics
    • Music
    • Media
  • Question of

    What type of student are/were you at school?

    twenty five twenty one nam joo hyuk
    • Role model student from well-known family background
    • Average student but with hidden talent
    • Talented student & school’s ambassador
    • Cool & popular student
    • Smart & dedicated student
  • Question of

    How do you spend your weekend/ holiday?

    twenty five twenty one lee joo myung
    • Taking part-time job
    • Laid-back at home
    • Taking a special course to improve my talent
    • Listening to the music or hanging out with friends
    • Staying at home and helping parents
  • Question of

    How is/was your high school love story?

    twenty five twenty one choi hyun wook bona
    • I dated with several kids since I’m the coolest one
    • I have a crush on senior
    • I really want to date someone I like but I’m too busy
    • Everyone falls for me but my heart only belongs to someone
    • I have no time for love and just want to focus on school


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