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SEVENTEEN Hoshi Profile, Facts, and TMI

Hoshi Profile

  • Birth Name: 권순영 (Kwon Soonyoung)
  • Stage Name: Hoshi
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1996.06.15
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rat
  • Height: 177 cm (5’8”)
  • Weight: 65 kg (143.3 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Hoshi Facts & TMI

  • Hoshi was born in Hanam City, and grew up in Namyangju City.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older sister.
  • The Chinese character of his name Kwon Soonyoung has the meaning of “lead others gently and beautifully”.
  • Hoshi belongs to Andong Kwon’s clan (37th Generation).
  • Hoshi is a sub vocalist and main dancer of SEVENTEEN, leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance team, and the oldest member of SEVENTEEN’s first official unit BooSeokSoon.
  • His stage name ‘Hoshi’ comes from the words Horangi (호랑이) + Shiseon (시선), “Horangi” means tiger, “shiseon” means “vision”. ‘Hoshi’ also means “star” in Japanese.
  • His nicknames are 10:10, Chief Kwon, Kwon Hoshi, KwonSpo, Prince Hoshi, Jeon Soonyoung (a combination of Jeon Wonwoo + Kwon Soonyoung), Ssunyo, Soonyeongi, Haemjji, Ddongjji, KkoKko’s Dad (KkoKko was the name of his chicken), Ending Fairy, Excited Hoshi, Hyoshi, MC Hi-pass, Hoshingie, Horangi (means tiger), and Horanghae.
  • Hoshi graduated from Maseok High School in Namyangju City.
  • He used to commute to his school in Namyangju from Seoul every day, which took him 4 hours per day. According to his homeroom teacher in high school, he was never late coming to the school.
  • He was a taekwondo athlete during his elementary school days, but because athletes have to cut their hair short, Hoshi stopped practicing taekwondo.
  • He was a 4th dan taekwondo athlete.
  • He developed his dream to be a singer after listening to SHINee’s songs in grade 6 of elementary school.
  • His mom was against the idea of Hoshi being a singer, but Hoshi promised her that he would start studying after 3rd grade of middle school if he couldn’t get a casting call from any entertainment agency.
  • To fill up his application resume, he formed a dance after-school club called ‘Deep Blue’ in Masok Middle School.
  • Hoshi and his dance club Deep Blue once won first place in a dance competition back in his hometown in Namyangju.
  • He was scouted by Pledis Entertainment’s staff in a provincial dance competition.
  • Before the encounter with Pledis’ staff, Hoshi’s cousin sent his audition videos and photos to Pledis Entertainment.
  • Hoshi joined Pledis in September 2011 when he was in the third grade of middle school.
  • He danced to SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’ for his audition at Pledis.
  • He is one of SEVENTEEN members who had the longest training period (after S.Coups and Woozi).
  • His main catchphrase “10:10!” is derived from his eyes, which seem like the 10:10 (of a clock) when he’s smiling.
  • Hoshi is a very hard-working, energetic, and passionate person.
  • He gets very excited when he’s standing on stage.
  • Being the youngest in his family, Hoshi naturally has a lot of aegyo.
  • Hoshi likes doing skinship with the members.
  • His drinking habits are acting cute, caressing, or kissing people sitting beside him.
  • Hoshi cries easily when he is touched (check SEVENTEEN’s first music broadcast win backstage).
  • Hoshi is an INFP.
  • He is known as the member who gave the most spoilers to fans before SEVENTEEN’s comeback, earning him the nickname KwonSpo (Kwon Soonyoung + Spoiler).
  • He is known as an avid fan of SHINee, became one of the ‘most famous’ successful Shawol K-pop idols.
  • Hoshi participated in choreography making for SEVENTEEN’s song, he usually worked together with professional choreographers for SEVENTEEN’s title tracks and worked with performance team members for SEVENTEEN’s non-title tracks.
  • Hoshi fully created the choreography for SEVENTEEN’s song ‘Fast Pace’.
  • He also took part in creating the choreography for NU’EST song ‘I’m Bad’.
  • Hoshi mentioned Keone Madrid as his role model in dancing.
  • Despite being the leader of the performance team, Hoshi is quite an all-rounder in SEVENTEEN with balance skill in dance, vocal, and rap.
  • Hoshi is the unofficial main vocalist of the performance team. 
  • Hoshi is one of the ‘gag characters’ in the team, alongside Seungkwan and DK.
  • He likes doing spontaneous skits, usually with BooSeokSoon members.
  • In 2018, he finally debuted as a member of SEVENTEEN’s very first official unit, BooSeokSoon, with Seungkwan and DK.
  • Prior to SEVENTEEN’s official debut, he co-hosts the online broadcast ‘Andromeda’ with Seungkwan.
  • On variety shows or unofficial occasions, Hoshi and DK duo are called SeokSoonTalk.
  • He is very good at impersonating Seungkwan.
  • Being one of the longest trainees in Pledis Entertainment, Hoshi appeared in MVs and become a back dancer for other Pledis’ artists such as NU’EST’s ‘Face’ (MV appearance), Hello Venus’ ‘Venus’ (MV appearance), Orange Caramel’s ‘My Copycat’ (MV appearance), NU’EST’s SHOW TIME 2 Japan concert (back dancer), and Hello Venus’ ‘Would You Stay for Tea?’ (stage back dancer).
  • Hoshi is one of SEVENTEEN members who made the most appearances in variety shows, become an MC, or guest-starred in radio broadcasts.
  • Among his variety shows appearances are ‘1 vs 100’, ‘King of Masked Singer’ (as a contestant and panelist), ‘Doremi Market’, ‘Unexpected Q’, ‘2018 Idol Star Athletic Championship’, ‘Dancing High’ (as a special judge), ‘Prison Life of Fools’, ‘The Return of Superman’, ‘Radio Star’, ‘Idol on Quiz’, and ‘Running Man’.
  • He also became the special MC for some music broadcasts such as ‘MCountdown’ and ‘Inkigayo’.
  • Due to his resemblance to hamsters, fans called him with the nickname ‘Haemjji’.
  • He watched little Dino’s appearance in ‘Star Audition: The Great Birth’ on the TV and thought “Wow, that friend is so talented”.
  • Hoshi is especially close with same-age friend, Wonwoo.
  • Hoshi and Wonwoo are good at impersonating each other earning each of them the nicknames Jeon Soonyoung and Kwon Wonwoo.
  • He had his ear pierced for the first time in 2016.
  • He has a big red mole on his left wrist.
  • He sweats a lot.
  • His shoe size is 260~265 mm.
  • He can’t eat spicy foods.
  • He is bad at handling gadgets.
  • Although he’s bad at cooking, he joined the cooking after-school club in his school.
  • Hoshi alongside Woozi participated in lyrics writing for Bumzu and Han Donggeun’s duet song ‘Forever Young’.
  • Both Hoshi and Woozi are fans of the Japanese animation series ‘Full Moon o Sagashite’.
  • Hoshi is the only liberal arts high school graduate in SEVENTEEN.
  • Many fans think that Hoshi and Jooheon of MONSTA X resemble each other.
  • Hoshi and all MONSTA X members are friends (he is especially close to same-age friend Jooheon).
  • He participated in SEVENTEEN unit songs the most.
  • He was born weighing 4 kg.
  • He possesses long and white legs.
  • It was revealed in a stage performance at MBC Gayo Daechukje 2019 that he has chocolate abs.
  • According to Seungkwan, Hoshi has experience auditioning for SM Entertainment in the past.
  • He likes wearing clothes and accessories from the brand Adidas.
  • He is close with Donghae, Ryeowook, Yesung, and Eunhyuk of Super Junior.
  • Hoshi is a kimchi mania.
  • He is a distant cousin to soloist BoA.
  • His physical appearance and personality are said to take after his parents (and older sister).
  • Hoshi’s Dad frequently sends messages to other SEVENTEEN members.
  • He once did a VLive in his family’s house.
  • He doesn’t have a room in his family’s house, saying SEVENTEEN’s dorm is more comfortable for him.
  • He joined woodworking after-school club during his elementary school days.
  • His family faced difficult times during his trainee days (when he was in middle school), so they moved to the countryside of Namyangju.
  • He used to raise puppies and roosters in his house.
  • When he was an elementary schooler, he received a SHINee signed CD from Taemin’s uncle.
  • He won first place in the school talent festival when he was in the 2nd grade of middle school.
  • Hoshi was the class president 3 years in a row during his middle school days.
  • He exercises every day.
  • He was a K-Pop Department Major at Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts (DIMA) before transferring to Hanyang University Institute for Future Talents (Practical Music / K-Pop Department).
  • He spent the most time with SEVENTEEN unit leaders.
  • His life motto is “Let’s not spend today like yesterday”.
  • He practices dancing and singing even during the day off.
  • He likes visiting the most famous dance studio in each country during SEVENTEEN world tours.
  • He has this obsession with tigers, like using tiger emoticons, wearing tiger-print clothes, and mimicking tiger gestures.
  • He collects tiger-related stuff from cushions to dolls.
  • He also likes to shout “Horanghae~” which means “I tiger you”.
  • He has a habit of doing things in advance.
  • He would get excited easily, especially during concerts.
  • He is careful and shy around strangers.
  • He loves it when others give him compliments.
  • According to Seungkwan, Hoshi cried after reading an article saying that SEVENTEEN got 700.000 pre-orders for their 3rd album ‘An Ode’.
  • He is an impulsive buyer.
  • The members don’t want to share a room with him because Hoshi loves to have a chat with his roommates before sleep.
  • He loves to listen and dance to his favorite songs when he’s alone.
  • He loves listening to Bazzi’s ‘Myself’.
  • Normally he is a softie, but he’d turn into a scary ‘trainer’ during dance practice.
  • According to SEVENTEEN leader S.Coups, Hoshi is the hardest member to take care of.
  • His favorite season is winter.
  • He is currently learning to play the piano.
  • He likes reading poem books.
  • He is collecting other members’ embarrassing photos, especially Wonwoo and Dokyeom’s photos.
  • His bias in SHINee is Taemin.
  • His favorite song ever is SHINee’s ‘Love like Oxygen’.
  • The first concert he attended is obviously SHINee’s.
  • He answers messages fast.
  • He loves watching TV, especially variety shows.
  • His favorite drama genre is rom-com, among his favorite dramas are ‘Itaewon Class’, ‘Lovestruck in the City’, ‘Fight My Way’, and ‘Crush Landing on You’.
  • He seems to like action movies like ‘Kingsman’.
  • He said that he cried(?) while watching ‘Avengers: Endgame’.
  • He is bad at sports.
  • His favorite performance unit song is ‘Lilili Yabbay’.
  • Hoshi and the rest of ‘96z are fans of animation series.
  • He gifted DK a suit for his birthday and a Cartier ring for Mingyu’s birthday.
  • He prefers meat over seafood.
  • His favorite foods are kimchi, kimchi fried rice, soft tofu stew, budae jjigae, bulgogi, and kong-guksu.
  • His favorite Japanese food is hitsumabushi.
  • He can’t drink milk because he has lactose intolerance.
  • His maximum alcohol tolerance is 2 bottles of soju.
  • Hoshi has a good sense of fashion, his favorite fashion items are knitwear, turtleneck, coat, and jacket.
  • He loves wearing accessories.
  • He has 1.5 eyesight.
  • His wrist circumference is 15 cm.
  • He has a healthy scalp despite dying his hair regularly.
  • He suffered an injury on his shoulder, so he always tapes his shoulder in stage performances.
  • Hoshi is learning acrobatic.
  • Hoshi can also compose songs.
  • He is an avid viewer of the drama ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha‘.

(Special credit: Everything is Alright @ Naver Blog)

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