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SEVENTEEN Wonwoo Profile, Facts, and TMI

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Wonwoo Profile

  • Birth Name: 전원우 (Jeon Wonwoo)
  • Stage Name: Wonwoo
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1996.07.17
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rat
  • Height: 182 cm (5’97”)
  • Weight: 63 kg (138.8 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram

Wonwoo Facts & TMI

  • Wonwoo was born and grew up in Changwon City, Gyeongsangnam-do.
  • His family consists father and a younger brother (Jeon Bohyuk, born 1998).
  • Wonwoo’s mother passed away due to illness in the morning of April 6th, 2022.
  • The meaning of his birth name Jeon Wonwoo is “to help others wholeheartedly”.
  • Wonwoo is the rapper of SEVENTEEN and a member of SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop team.
  • He graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul (Department of Broadcasting Arts).
  • When he was in middle school, he went to a music academy with a friend because he wanted to learn how to play the guitar. 
  • Pledis coincidently held an open audition at the music academy, Wonwoo participated simply for gaining experience, but he unexpectedly passed the audition.
  • He began his trainee life at Pledis Entertainment in November 2011.
  • Wonwoo is one of three members besides DK and Woozi who became a trainee through open auditions.
  • He danced to 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’ at Pledis open audition.
  • He spent 3 years and 6 months trainee period at Pledis.
  • Wonwoo has the 5th longest trainee period among the team members.
  • He introduces himself with “17 since born”, which implies his birthday, 17 of July.
  • He has a notably broad shoulder and naturally thin body frame, but he’s been working hard to put on weight these days.
  • He used to dislike exercising.
  • According to himself, he inherited his tall body frame from his parents.
  • He is the second tallest member of SEVENTEEN after Mingyu.
  • He has the same height as Jun.
  • Thanks to his model-like physique, Wonwoo shot a solo pictorial with GQ Korea in February, 2016.
  • Deemed as having the ‘actor visual’ Wonwoo was in fact received acting lessons in Pledis Entertainment during his trainee days.
  • In an episode of ‘Star Show 360’ he was voted first as the member who is most likely to do well as an actor within SEVENTEEN.
  • Wonwoo’s lookalikes are mostly actors or model-turned-actors such as Ju Ji Hoon, Song Jae Rim, and Lee Jun Ki.
  • Fans think that he resembles a cat or fox.
  • His favorite body parts are his nose, shoulders, and collarbone.
  • He has a very introverted and shy personality.
  • Wonwoo shared that his introverted personality made it difficult for him to fit in anywhere.
  • There was even a story of a staff member who barely knew Wonwoo’s name two years after he joined the agency.
  • In the second episode of SEVENTEEN’s documentary ‘HIT THE ROAD’, he said that he always kind of had a weak presence, but the members always help him to get the spotlight somehow.
  • He also said that his personality has changed a lot compared to his teenage days because he learned how to express his feelings while living together with the members.
  • He is very sensitive to others’ mood changes, he would text the member and apologize if he thinks that he has offended the members.
  • He said that he would be living a boring life without SEVENTEEN.
  • Seungkwan said that Wonwoo never shows his aegyo (acting cute), but Jeonghan and S.Coups said that Wonwoo sometimes showed his aegyo when he’s with the eldest members (Jeonghan, S.Coups, and Joshua).
  • He likes to be around people but he also wants to be alone at times.
  • He is very confident and has a high sense of self-love.
  • He has a small appetite.
  • He is known as the “slowest” member which earned him the nickname JeonSloth.
  • Wonwoo naturally has bad stamina, but he’s been working hard to improve his stamina by exercising.
  • Since 2019, he’s been going to the gym so his body is slowly grows bigger.
  • He’s a fast runner and also good at high jump.
  • His MBTI personality type is INFJ.
  • Wonwoo likes to throw dad jokes and puns.
  • It is said that Wonwoo’s gags is exclusive to same-age friend Hoshi, because only Hoshi found Wonwoo’s gags funny.
  • He was originally trained as a vocalist.
  • He has the lowest tone within the group, sometimes he would introduce himself as “SEVENTEEN’s lowest voice”.
  • He is known to have the most accurate diction among the hip-hop team.
  • He participates in rap making and lyrics writing for SEVENTEEN songs.
  • In 2021, Wonwoo and Mingyu co-composed a song titled ‘I Can’t Run Away’ found in SEVENTEEN’s 9th mini album ATTACCA, which became his first self-composed song to be included in SEVENTEEN’s album.
  • According to the members of the hip-hop team, Wonwoo writes his lyrics fastest among the other hip-hop team members.
  • The lyrics he wrote when he had the most thoughts are said to be part of the song ‘Check-In’ found in the ep ‘Al1’.
  • He mentioned Epik High’s member Tablo and American rapper Lupe Fiasco as his role models.
  • He was nicknamed Palryong Middle School Dance Machine because of a video of him dancing to Rain’s ‘Rainism’ and BEAST’ ‘Breath’ in his middle school talent show.
  • Wonwoo was a very quiet student during middle school.
  • He shared that he was quite popular as ‘that handsome senior’ during his school days.
  • Wonwoo is the unofficial opening fairy in many of SEVENTEEN’s stage performances (see ‘Oh My!’ and MAMA 2019’s ‘Fear‘).
  • Just like other early trainees in the group, Wonwoo appeared in Pledis artists’ music videos and became back dancer for their stage performances such as NU’EST’s ‘Face’ (MV appearance), ‘Hello Venus’ ‘Venus’ (MV appearance), ‘Would You Stay for Tea?’ (stage back dancer), NU’EST’s SHOWTIME 2 Japan concert (back dancer), SanE & Raina’s ‘Midsummer Sweet Dream’ (stage back dancer), and Orange Caramel’s ‘My Copycat’ (MV appearance & stage back dancer).
  • Wonwoo is one of the members who made the least solo appearance in variety shows, however, he is known for being a great MC among SEVENTEEN.
  • Among his variety show appearances are ‘Fantastic Duo Season 2’ (2017, with Jeonghan), ‘Weekly Idol’ (2018, with Joshua), ‘2018 Idol Star Athletic Championship’, ‘Battle Trip’ (2019, with S.Coups and Jeonghan), ‘Player’ (2019), and ‘Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant’ (2020, with Seungkwan).
  • He served as special MC for music broadcasts such as ‘Music Core’, ‘MCountdown’, and ‘KCON 2018 Japan’.
  • Despite being the rapper in the team, Wonwoo alongside S.Coups listens to a lot of ballads, earning him the nickname JeonBallad.
  • Maknae Dino and Vernon once chose Wonwoo as the member with the best body.
  • He had a habit of biting people standing or sitting beside him.
  • Wonwoo is bad at taking selfies.
  • He can’t eat seafood.
  • When he was a trainee he really didn’t eat rice, instead, he ate vegetable snacks, which Hoshi wrote in his SEVENTEEN diary on Facebook.
  • He said that his Changwon accent would come out unconsciously off-camera.
  • He used to be scolded by Pledis’ staff for speaking in dialect.
  • He mentioned ‘Kingsman’ as the movie he watched once he became an adult, he watched the movie with Hoshi.
  • He shared that he is especially close to Hoshi because he thinks that he knows Hoshi the best, also because Hoshi accepts his jokes well.
  • Sometimes he doesn’t call the ’95 born members “hyung” (except S.Coups). 
  • He prefers calling DK and Vernon their stage name instead of their birth names.
  • He really loves and is very good at playing PC or mobile games.
  • Wonwoo’s gaming mate is mostly S.Coups.
  • According to S.Coups, Wonwoo naturally has a talent for gaming although he doesn’t play games as much as S.Coups does.
  • He is good at impersonating Hoshi, he is also good at impersonating characters from ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ such as Patrick and Spongebob.
  • His shoe size is 270 mm.
  • On June 3, 2016, it was announced that Wonwoo could not attend the Dream Concert and fan meeting the next day due to acute gastritis. Jeonghan is said to have cried for 2 hours after hearing the news.
  • He doesn’t get scared easily. In an episode of ‘Going Seventeen’ Wonwoo encountered someone whom he sees as a woman sitting on a cabinet when the other members except Hoshi and The8 couldn’t see “the woman”. The members think that he indeed saw a ghost, making that episode of ‘Going Seventeen’ went viral among domestic and international k-pop fans.
  • In 2016, Wonwoo was involved in an online controversy where he posted a series of negative comments against Girls’ Generation when he was still in the 6th grade of elementary school. He immediately posted a handwritten apology letter addressing his childish actions in the past.
  • His nicknames are Wonu, JeoNeoNu, Sloth, Fox, Actor Jeon, JeonBoy, JeonBallad, Jeon Wonwoo Bag of Luck, Palryong Middle School Dancing Machine, Seoul Music Festival That Guy, Kwon Wonwoo, JeonPpoPpo (“ppoppo” means pecks, because he likes to jokingly pecks the other members), JeonAeong (“aeong” equivalents to “meow” in English), That Guy with Specs.
  • He scrunches his nose when he’s laughing, making this face (>w<).
  • He said that he “inherited” his tall height and broad shoulders from his father.
  • According to S.Coups, Wonwoo takes after his dad a lot.
  • His family was very supportive of his dream to be a singer. Wonwoo’s Dad: “It’s because he wants to do it himself, without anyone forcing him to, so it means that he will be the best in Korea”.
  • His house was located in a two-story building, where the resident of the first floor used to raise a big dog. Wonwoo said that he was so scared of the dog because it would bark at him sometimes, so he ended up waiting outside his house for hours, afraid to get in the house.
  • He shared that he got bitten by a dog when he was a kid, making him develop a trauma of dogs. But he said that nowadays he is not afraid of dogs anymore.
  • In his Instagram, Wonwoo introduced a new family member, a puppy called Seol-i. Seems like it is being raised by Wonwoo’s dad in Changwon. The puppy is Wonwoo’s (and his family’s) first pet.
  • His parents used to dress him plainly, so he always wanted to wear flashy clothes.
  • He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus even when he was still a child.
  • Wonwoo bought a book called ‘Magic Hanja’ when he first received allowance money from his parents.
  • He really loved bungeoppang (fish-shaped bread with red bean paste), Wonwoo said that he spent 80% of his allowance money to buy bungeoppang.
  • He loves watching animated series such as ‘Spongebob Squarepants’, ‘Naruto’ and ‘One Piece’.
  • Wonwoo likes to use sophisticated words, perhaps because he loves reading, he has got a lot of vocabulary.
  • He was the unofficial ‘brain’ of the team.
  • In an episode of ‘SVT Club’ the members acknowledged Wonwoo as the smartest within the team. He indeed has wide knowledge.
  • He was very difficult to approach at first, Hoshi and Mingyu initiated conversations with him first when he joined the agency.
  • Seungkwan, Hoshi, and Wonwoo went to watch ‘Spiderman’ together when they were still awkward with each other.
  • He used the alias “Beanie” on Seventeen TV.
  • Wonwoo used to do hapkido and athletics when he was younger.
  • Woozi started to put interest in making music after discovering a music composing program called GarageBand on Wonwoo’s Macbook.
  • Usually Wonwoo is calm and quiet but he is very playful when he’s with the SEVENTEEN members, the members even call him JeonJangkku which means “jokester Jeon”.
  • He thinks that self-love is a must for idols.
  • He is very affectionate and touchy towards the younger members (he especially adores the maknae Dino).
  • Wonwoo really loves cats.
  • He shared that he is donating to stray cat shelters regularly.
  • He loves reading thriller and detective novels.
  • He mentioned ‘The Miracles of the Namiya General Store’, ‘Me Before You’, and ‘The Wings of the Kirin’ as his favorite books.
  • He has been learning photography and videography.
  • He uses a Sony A7S II camera.
  • He started working out because he said that it’s necessary to maintain his stamina if he wants to perform on stage as an idol for a long time.
  • He doesn’t watch dramas, he only enjoys movies.
  • He enjoys eating spicy foods, that’s why he often goes for meals with spicy food mania, Jun.
  • He likes to eat oil pasta.
  • His favorite beverages are cola, energy drink, grape juice, and watermelon juice.
  • His favorite snack is vegetable biscuits and his favorite ramyun brand is Neoguri.
  • He’s quite a strong drinker, his favorite beer brand is Stella Artois.
  • Fashion items that he puts special attention to are shoes, paddings, and hats.
  • Wonwoo’s father gave him a ring when he was sick.
  • He always wears the ring given by his father under his SEVENTEEN ring.
  • He only put on rounded glasses, but since 2021 he started wearing rectangle-framed glasses.
  • He said that he has astigmatism, preventing him from getting LASIK surgery.
  • According to the members, Wonwoo always had six-pack abs.
  • He is very ticklish.
  • He sleeps with his mouth open.
  • He has a habit of shaking his legs and making sweater paws.
  • He doesn’t cry easily.
  • He is acknowledged by the other members as the best actor within the group.
  • Wonwoo is a student at Hanyang University Institute for Future Talents (Practical Music Department).
  • Wonwoo said that he did skin tanning for SEVENTEEN’s ‘Left & Right’ comeback.
  • Because of his introvertedness, he doesn’t have many celebrity acquaintances. Among his idol friends are MONSTA X members, ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, and former X1 member Lee Hangyul (now a member of BAE173).
  • Wonwoo’s mom had a conception dream of a snake when she was pregnant with Wonwoo.
  • When he writes lyrics he would ask Pledis’ staff, especially female staff, whether they find his lyrics offensive to women in any way.
  • Wonwoo launched his personal Instagram account on the same day as his 25th birthday.
  • It is rumored that Wonwoo has a tattoo around his left ribs, but Wonwoo himself refused to confirm this rumor.
  • He shared that his family used to run a seafood restaurant owned by his grandmother.
  • Wonwoo appeared in TV ads for Lotte Cinema before his debut with SEVENTEEN.
  • Recently Wonwoo got a mole under his right eye.
  • On February 12, 2022, Wonwoo was diagnosed with coronavirus. After undergoing a self-quarantine and treatment, he resume activities with SEVENTEEN on February 18.
  • A video of Wonwoo dancing to Jeon Somi’s ‘Dumb Dumb’ during Caratland 2022 got a hot response from fans on Twitter, it even topped the trending topic in South Korea that day.

(Special credit: Everything is Alright @ Naver Blog)

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