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5 Fun Facts about Park Bo Gum ‘The King of Rating’

Annyeonghaseyo, chingudeul! Are you K-drama addict and fans of Park Bo Gum? Well, lately most of you must be unhappy about the news of Park Bo Gum’s mandatory military service on August 31. We will miss him so badly. Of course, he won’t completely ‘leave’ us and presents his newest drama, Record of Youth, before attends to military service. Aired in September 7, Record of Youth captivates public attention since it offers an unusual genre. While keeping up with this ongoing drama, why don’t we talk about him just in case you miss him? Here are 5 fun facts about Park Bo Gum that will make you more fall in love with him!

1. Multiple Korean National Titles

Image Source: Soompi

Throwing back to the most phenomenal Korean drama, Reply 1988, Park Bo Gum plays the character of a young Baduk (Korean chess) player named Choi Taek. Taek becomes the nation’s pride and the representative in international Baduk competition. He is like the most precious treasure in Ssangmundong neighborhood, hence his title “national treasure”. In the real life, our Taek is titled as “Nation’s Little Brother” and most importantly “Nation’s Son-in-Law” because he becomes mom’s favorite in that drama. Even Deok Sun’s mother wants him become her son in law in the real life!
Everybody seems to agree that Park Bo Gum has good looking face and shows an aura of prince charming so that he is titled as “Nation’s Crown Prince”. Furthermore, people also call him as “Nation’s Man of Good Influence” since he gives public the positive influence and the good manner.

2. Hypnotized by His Charm

Image Source: Hancinema

It is true that public has been captivated by his charm. He is much admired by advertisement industry that makes him a golden boy in 2016. Naver reports that Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute has created a new term “Park Bo Gum’s effect” since his image successfully boost the selling rate of commercial products which covers all circles. Moreover, according to Korea Times, his fans also introduce the term “Park Bo Gum’s Magic” referring to the fact that people can’t take their eyes on him once they see him.

3. Educational Goals

Image Source: Study International

Park Bo Gum attended Myongji University focusing on musical theater. He has the good reputation in college since he successfully completed his study in 4 years. He is good at piano and participated in children choir when he was in kindergarten. Moreover, Park Bo Gum joined the swimming club at schools. He also participated in school extracurricular activities.

4. Precious Sword for Family

Image Source: Koreaboo

This part may be more personal than the other facts. People apparently refer him as the perfect one which shows the angelic quality and life goals. Unfortunately, he has to struggle with his life. He got the serious fever when he was a baby so his parents had to take him to emergency. Thankfully, he recovered and a pastor said that as a blessing, the baby should be name “Bo Gum” which means the precious sword. The life was getting hard as he lost her mother when he was still in primary school. Furthermore, he had to deal with family’s debt in his early career. But, we know that he is tough and never quits.
“I am kind of person who always hope for a peaceful life, take for granted, and be thankful for everything,” said Bo Gum to Channel Korea.

5. Working Harder for Record of Youth

Image Source: Starbiz

Park Bo Gum describes his character, Sa Hye Joon in Record of Youth, as a hard worker with principle. To get the main role, he has to take more efforts and research.
“To get into Sa Hye Joon character, I learn some fashion show, photo shoot, and interview footages.” said Bo Gum to Soompi.
Are you still curious about his character? Or can’t move on from his charm? You guys should keep up with Record of Youth and feel every moment when he takes your breath away!

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