Quiz: Which Hot Korean Drama Villain Who’s A Fool for You?

korean drama villain quiz
korean drama villain quiz by kepoper

We mostly agree that in Korean drama, the protagonist may take the spotlight, but the villain could steal the scene. Recently some Korean dramas give the diverse portrayals of villain character. Honestly, sometimes we find them are damn hot (especially for bad guy lover)! Speaking of villains, they are just like common people who have such romantic feeling to the women. Well, let’s play this fun quiz to find out Korean drama villain who secretly becomes a fool for you.

korean drama villain
korean drama villain quiz kepoper

  • Question of

    Who’s the scariest character in Korean folktales?

    • Goblin
    • Grim Reaper
    • Gumiho
  • Question of

    Pick your favorite profession in K-drama

    • Businessman
    • Lawyer
    • Athlete
  • Question of

    Your ideal look for K-drama character should be

    • Dandy
    • Casual
    • Sporty
  • Question of

    Pick a sport you wanna do with your partner

    • Golf
    • Ice Hockey
    • Taekwondo/ Martial Arts
  • Question of

    The most annoying character for you

    • Sorehead
    • Liar
    • Spoiled
  • Question of

    Pick Korean food you wanna eat with your partner

    • Bulgogi
    • Tteokbokki
    • Jjigae


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