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SF9 Rowoon Profile, Facts, and TMI

Rowoon Profile

  • Birth Name: 김석우 (Kim Seokwoo)
  • Stage Name: Rowoon
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1996.08.07
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rat
  • Height: 190.5 cm (6’25”)
  • Weight: 76 kg (167.5 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Weibo

Rowoon Facts & TMI

  • Rowoon was born and grew up in Seoul.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older sister (born 1994).
  • He is raising a cat named Choco.
  • His religion is Catholic, his baptismal name is Marcellino.
  • Rowoon is the center and lead vocalist of SF9.
  • He uses the catchphrase ‘SF9’s Physical’ when he introduces himself and uses the rat (🐭) emoticon to symbolize himself.
  • He spent 6 years of trainee life before debuting as a member of SF9.
  • As a center, he has a balanced singing and dancing ability with outstanding physical and good looks.
  • He sang the chorus part in former AOA member Jimin’s ‘CALL YOU BAE ft. XIUMIN of EXO‘.
  • Before debut, he appeared in tvN’s drama ‘Cheongdamdong 111’ as well as became a cameo on MBC Everyone’s web drama ‘Click Your Heart’.
  • He is often nicknamed as the ‘Face Genius’, which he finds burdensome, so he used the nickname ‘Gifted Face’ instead.
  • He rises to stardom after starring in webtoon adaptation high-teen drama ‘Extraordinary You’ as the lead character Haru.
  • He won a rookie actor award at MBC Drama Awards 2019 for his role as Haru in ‘Extraordinary You’.
  • He often picks his eyebrows as my favorite part of his face.
  • His nicknames are RonVely (his favorite nickname), Tteoguri (a nickname given by his family), Kim Ron, Kim Tteogu (a cute way to pronounce his name Seokwoo), Ttoku, Daechi-dong’s David Sculpture, Kim Marcellino, Chani’s Fan, Two Metres Tall Guy, Too Much Talker, Gifted Face, etc.
  • He starred in several dramas such as ‘School 2017’ (as Kang Hyunil, supporting role), ‘Where Stars Land’ (as Go Eunseob, supporting role), ‘Extraordinary You’ (as Haru, first lead role), ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ (as Joo Yeomin, cameo) and ‘She Would Never Know’ (as Chae Hyunseung, lead role).
  • In 2020, he debuted as voice actor for the Korean dubbed version of ‘Trolls World Tour’ (as Branch).
  • He guest-starred in tons of variety shows such as ‘Baek Jongwon’s Alley Restaurant’, ‘Weekly Idol’, ‘Law of The Jungle in Patagonia’, ‘2019 & 2020 Idol Star Athletic Championship’, ‘Happy Together Season 4’, ‘Battle Trip’, ‘Knowing Bros’, ‘Running Man’, ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, ‘Idol Room’, ‘Hello Counselor’, and ‘King of Masked Singer’ (once as a contestant and once as a panelist).
  • He had modeled for more than 10 brands including cosmetic, fashion, and food products.
  • He shot pictorials for more than 20 magazines including CeCi (March 2017), W Magazine (January 2019), Singles (March 2019 and December 2020), Dazed (March 2019 and February 2020), GQ (September 2019), Bazaar (February 2020), Elle (April 2020 and February 2021), Vogue (July 2020), Cosmopolitan (September 2020) and Marie Claire (November 2020).
  • He also starred in NC.A’s music video for the song ‘Awesome Breeze’ released in  2019.
  • He said his family moved frequently, he had lived in Yongin, Seocho, and Gwangju when he was a child.
  • In the early days of his debut, he went viral on Facebook as Kyunghee University’s handsome man through a video he took during his visit to the university, where he actually attended.
  • He shared that he is the devoted type when dating.
  • He is nicknamed Chani’s Mom or Chani’s Fan because he takes good care of the group’s maknae Chani.
  • He is good at cooking.
  • He prefers Korean food over western food.
  • He was a fan of FT. Island, his favorite member was Choi Minhwan.
  • He is also an avid fan of ballad singer Park Hyoshin.
  • He can’t really watch horror movies because he gets scared easily.
  • He really hates bugs.
  • He is very talkative.
  • He has really bad eyesight (his eyesight is -4.75).
  • He is a devoted Catholic, it’s revealed that he went to pray every morning with his mom when he was younger.
  • He hates eating carrots in curry.
  • In July 2020 he suffered knee and back pain during a group schedule that made him refrain from dancing to intense choreography.
  • He is the tallest K-Pop idol with his real height rumored to be around 191~192 cm.
  • During drama filming, he would sometimes film it barefoot because he could not be caught in the camera angle when he’s wearing shoes.
  • He is even taller than fridges.
  • His hobbies are exercising, jogging, listening to music, knitting, tennis, and reading.


‘Trolls World Tour’ as Branch (2020/ Korean dub)

TV Series

‘Click Your Heart’ as Himself (MBC Every 1/ 2016)
‘School 2017’ as Kang Hyun Il (KBS2/ 2017)
‘Modulove’ (tvN/ 2018/ Cameo, episode 8)
‘About Time’ as Choi Wee Jin (tvN/ 2018)
‘Where Stars Land’ as Ko Eun Sub (SBS/ 2018)
Extraordinary You‘ as Haru (MBC/ 2019)
‘Find Me in Your Memory’ as Joo Yeo Min (MBC/ 2020/ Cameo, episode 1)
‘Was It Love?’ as Himself (JTBC/ 2020/ Cameo with SF9)
‘She Would Never Know’ as Chae Hyun Seung (JTBC/ 2021)
The King’s Affection‘ as Jung Ji Woon (KBS2/ 2021)
Tomorrow‘ as Choi Joon Woong (MBC/ 2022)

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