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Lee Sangyi (Lee Sang Yi)

Actor Lee Sangyi (Lee Sang Yi) Profile, Facts, and TMI

lee sang yi profile, facts, drama, tmi

Lee Sangyi Profile

  • Birth Name: 이상이 (Lee Sangyi)
  • Stage Name: Lee Sangyi
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1991.11.27
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Sheep
  • Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
  • Weight: 75 kg (165.3 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Agency: PLK Good Friends
  • Debut: 2014
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram

Lee Sangyi Facts & TMI

  • Lee Sangyi was born in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do.
  • He is the youngest of two, he has an older brother who is 6 years older than him (born 1985).
  • He is an atheist.
  • Lee Sang Yi officially debuted in 2014 through the musical stage ‘Greece’.
  • Before advancing to TV dramas and movies, he was active as a musical actor.
  • He is a graduate of the Department of Drama and Acting, Korea National University of Arts.
  • He received a lot of interest from the public after portraying Yoon Jaeseok in the KBS2 drama ‘Once Again’.
  • He got a Best New Actor Award and Best Couple Award (with Lee Chohee) at KBS Drama Awards 2020 for his performance in ‘Once Again’.
  • In 2021, his popularity skyrocketed after he “made a debut” as a member of MSG Wannabe, a ballad project group formed through the MBC variety show ‘Hangout with Yoo’.
  • Along with his rising popularity, he got his first lead role in the drama ‘Youth of May’ and followed by ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’, both in 2021.
  • Lee Sang Yi has completed his military duty in the police department, he started the duty in 2012.
  • He is also a member of MSG Wannabe sub-unit JSDK alongside Lee Donghwi, Jung Giseok (Simon Dominic), and Kim Jeongsoo.
  • His song with JSDK titled ‘Only You’ successfully entered the top 10 charts in South Korea.
  • As an alumnus from the same department in the university, he is close friends with actors Kim Sungcheol, Kim Goeun, Park Sodam, Lee Yoo Young, and Ahn Eunjin.
  • He was a big fan of Rain.
  • Among musical and drama fans, he is often nicknamed Sang2 (it’s pronounced as Sangyi).
  • His ideal type is someone who can be his guide when he’s lost, someone who is warm-hearted, and someone who would give him advice when he needs help. As for physically, he likes women with a western look.
  • He revealed that he had LASIK surgery done, his current eyesight is (1.2).
  • He can’t drink alcohol at all, his maximum alcohol tolerance is half a bottle of soju.
  • He can play both piano and guitar.
  • Sangyi is a homebody.
  • He has a lot of interest in interior design and DIY types of furniture.
  • His favorite song to sing in karaoke is John Park’s ‘This Ain’t It’.
  • His favorite food is Subway sandwiches.
  • He has big palms and long fingers.
  • He said that he has never tried an MBTI test.
  • Many (including his dad) think that he resembles actor Kim Kyungnam.


‘Taxi Driver’ as Jihoon (Independent movie, 2014)
‘Slow Video’ as Police (2014) 
‘From Boy’ as Shoe shop owner (Independent movie Korea National University of Arts, 2015) 
‘Call Me When You Eat’ as Sanghwan (Independent movie Korea National University of Arts, 2016) 
‘Aend’ as Man (Independent movie Korea National University of Arts, 2016) 
‘Coward’ as Buseok (Independent movie Korea National University of Arts, 2016) 
‘Afternoon in Paris’ as Hasung (Independent movie, 2017)
‘Noryang Confrontation’ as Heejung (Independent movie Korean Movie Academy, 2019) 
‘Hitman: Agent Jun’ as NIS Agent (2020)
‘Single in Seoul’ as Byeongsoo (2021)

TV Series

‘Manhole’ as Oh Dalsoo (KBS2/ 2017)
‘Prison Playbook’ as Sergeant Oh (tvN/ 2017-2018)
‘Oh, The Mysterious’ as Lee Kyungjae (SBS/ 2017-2018)
‘Suits’ as Cheolsoon'(KBS2/ 2018)
‘To. Jenny’ as Yeom Daesung (KBS2/ 2018)
‘Voice 2’ as Big Nose (OCN/ 2018)
‘The 3rd Charm’ as Hyun Sanghyun (JTBC/ 2018)
‘Quiz from God: Reboot’ as Jaeseung (OCN/ 2018-2019) (ep.1-2)
‘Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo’ as Yang Taesoo (MBC/ 2019)
‘When the Camellia Blooms’ as Yang Seungyeob (KBS2/ 2019)
‘Once Again’ as Yoon Jaeseok (KBS2/ 2020)
‘Youth of May’ as Lee Soochan (KBS2/ 2021)
‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ as Ji Sunghyun (tvN/ 2021)
‘Yumi’s Cell’ as Yumi’s Ex (tvN/ 2021)


‘How to Meet a Star’ as Manseob (2013)
‘X-Wedding’ as Boyfriend (2013)
‘Sera’s House’ as Na Dosa (2014)
‘Greece as Swing’ (2014)
‘Runway Beat’ as Meotjaeng-i (2015)
‘Bare the Musical’ as Peter (2015)
‘Infinite Strategy’ as Jang Seonjae (2015)
‘Thrill Me’ as Me (2016)
‘In The Heights’ as Benny (2016)
‘Me, Natasha, and White Donkey’ as Baekseok (2016)
‘Red Book as Brown’ (2018)
‘Il Tenore as Lee Suhan’ (2018)
‘Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’ as Monty Navarro (2020)

Stage Play

‘Crazy Kiss’ as Jangjeong (2017) 
‘Guards At The Taj’ as Baabul (2017) 
‘The Legend Of Georgia McBride’ as Casey (2019)

Music Video

‘The Signal of One Billion Light’ – Lee Seunghwan (2016)
‘Forget and Move On’ – Ji Woojin (2018)


‘Why Am I Like This’ – Once Again OST

Variety Show

Star King (SBS/ 2012)
Knowing Bros (jtbc/ 2020)
I Live Along (MBC/ 2020)
Problem Child in House (KBS2/ 2020)
Law of the Jungle (SBS/ 2020)
Running Man (SBS/ 2021)
Hangout with Yoo (MBC/ 2021)

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