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Shin Minah (Shin Min Ah)

Actress Shin Minah (Shin Min Ah) Profile, Facts, and TMI

Shin Minah Profile

  • Birth Name: 양민아 (Yang Min Ah)
  • Stage Name: Shin Min Ah
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1984.04.05
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rat
  • Height: 169 cm (5’54”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: O
  • Agency: AM Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Shin Minah Facts & TMI

  • Shin Minah was born Yang Minah, her family consists of mother, father, and a younger brother (born 1993).
  • She uses the stage name ‘Shin Minah’ to avoid confusion with actress Yang Mira.
  • She is a Christian.
  • She debuted in 1998 as the first exclusive cover model for local fashion magazine Kiki.
  • She debuted as a model when she was in the 2nd year of middle school.
  • During the cover model audition, unlike many other contestants who show their pose or acting skills, Shin Minah won the audition with only a simple greeting towards the judges.
  • After her exclusive contract ended with the magazine ended, she became one of the most famous models in the magazine industry during the late ’90s.
  • She has also shot many TV ads and starred in music videos for popular singers ever since her debut.
  • She started gaining public recognition after becoming a VJ in music broadcasts.
  • She made a drama debut in an SBS drama ‘Beautiful Days’ in 2001, portraying Lee Byunghun’s character younger sister Lee Minji.
  • In the same year, she also debuted in a movie.
  • She is especially famous for her slim and sexy “S line” body.
  • Shin Minah is also very famous as one of the celebrities who looks even prettier in person.
  • She wrote a book titled ‘Shin Minah’s French Diary’ in 2009.
  • She continues to shoot more dramas throughout her career and successfully became rom-com queen after starring in popular romantic-comedy dramas such as ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’, ‘Arang and the Magistrate’, and ‘Oh My Venus’.
  • In 2015 she announced her relationship with actor Kim Woobin, who is 5 years younger.
  • Kim Woobin once mentioned Shin Minah as her ideal type in a 2013 interview, the two finally meet and worked together in Giordano ads before started dating.
  • In 2009, she shot a pictorial for Calvin Klein with ’50 Shades of Grey’ actor Jamie Dornan.
  • She has been steadily donating to several foundations since 2015.
  • She loves piercings.
  • Although she is a Christian, she said that she frequently goes to temples.
  • She loves reading.
  • Shin Minah’s boyfriend Kim Woobin joined her agency AM Entertainment in February 2020.
  • She is allergic to pea and cucumber.
  • She revealed that she is a very shy person, she would feel awkward when meeting new people.
  • She has modeled for more than 60 brands throughout her career.


‘Volcano High’ as Yoo Chaeyi (2001)
‘Madeleine’ as Heejin (2003)
‘A Bittersweet Life’ as Heesoo (2005)
‘Sad Movie’ as Ahn Sueun (2005)
‘The Beast and the Beauty’ as Jang Haeju (2005)
‘My Mighty Princess’ as Kang Sohwi/ Oksoon (2007)
‘Go Go 70s’ as Mimi (2008)
‘The Naked Kitchen’ as Ahn Morae (2009)
‘Sisters on the Road’ as Park Myungeun (2009)
‘A Million’ as Jo Yoojin (2009)
‘The X’ as Mia (2013)
‘Gyeongju’ as Gong Yoonhee (2014)
‘My Love, My Bride’ as Miyoung (2014)
‘A Quiet Dream’ as Minah (2016/ cameo)
‘Diva’ as Lee Young (2020)

TV Series

‘Beautiful Days’ as Lee Minji (SBS/ 2001)
‘Punch’ as Jang Yoobin (SBS/ 2003)
‘A Love to Kill’ as Cha Eunseok (KBS2/ 2005)
‘The Devil’ as Seo Haein (KBS2/ 2007)
‘My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho’ as Gu Miho (SBS/ 2010)
‘Arang and the Magistrate’ as Arang/ Lee Seorim (MBC/ 2012)
‘Oh My Venus’ as Kang Jooeun (KBS2/ 2015-2016)
‘Tomorrow, With You’ as Song Marin (tvN/ 2017)
‘Chief of Staff’ as Kang Sunyoung (JTBC/ 2019)
Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha‘ as Yoon Hyejin (tvN/ 2021)
Our Blues‘ as Min Seon Ah (tvN/ 2022)

Variety Show

‘Ya Shim Man Man’ (SBS/ 2005/ as guest)
‘Sang Sang Plus’ (KBS2/ 2005/ as guest)
‘Mina’s French Diary’ (OliveTV/ 2008/ as fixed cast)
‘Come to Play’ (MBC/ 2009/ as guest)
‘S Body’ (Mnet/ 2009/ as fixed cast)
‘S Body Season 2’ (Mnet/ 2010/ as fixed cast)
‘Strong Heart’ (SBS/ 2010/ as guest)
‘Running Man’ (SBS/ 2014/ as guest)
‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ (tvN/ 2020/ as guest)


‘A Request’ by Lee Seunghwan (1999)
‘Eyes Want to Travel’ by Leon Lai (1999)
‘Love and Remembrance’ by g.o.d (1999)
‘Since You Left Me’ by g.o.d (2000)
‘Do You Know?’ by Jo Sungmo (2000)
‘With Coffee’ by Brown Eyes (2001)
‘I Love You’ by Cha Taehyun (2001)
‘Sad Love’ by g.o.d (2001)
‘A Fool’ by g.o.d (2001)
‘You Just Don’t Know’ by g.o.d (2001)
‘Summer Day’ by Yoo Heeyeol ft. Shin Jaepyung of Peppertones (2008)
‘My Happy Day’ by Yoo Heeyeol ft. Shin Minah (2008)
‘Miracle Blue’ by Loveholics feat. Shin Minah (2009)


‘Oppa, I Love You’ – Punch OST (2003)
‘Pray for Yoobin’- Punch OST (2003)
‘My Happy Day’ – You Heeyeol ft. Shin Minah (2008)
‘Night Train’- Go Go 70s OST (2008)
‘A Year Later’ – The Naked Kitchen OST (2009)
‘Miracle Blue’ – Loveholics’ ft Shin Minah (2009)
‘Sha la la’ – My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho OST (2010)
‘I Can Give You All’ – My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho OST (2010)
‘Black Moon’ – Arang and the Magistrate OST (2012)

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