Besides Chungha, These 5 K-Pop Idols Confirmed Positive for Covid-19

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After the news of K-pop idols confirmed positive for Covid-19 had subsided, at the end of 2020 the virus again attacked several K-Pop idols.

Reporting from Spotv on Monday, Dec 7, 2020, Chungha was confirmed positive for Covid-19 after having had contact with someone who was infected.

Chungha’s agency, MNH Entertainment has also announced this news through the artist’s official fan cafe. From that announcement, Chungha will undergo self-quarantine. To focus on her recovery, MNH Entertainment then announced two days later on Dec 9, 2020 that the comeback plan for her full studio album QUERENCIA today, Monday (04/01/2021), had to be postponed until an undetermined date.

Now, besides Chungha, these 5 K-pop idols confirmed positive for Covid-19 as well. Who are they? Check the list below!

1. Bit-to UP10TION

Bitto – Twitter

One of the UP10TION members, Bit-to tested positive for Covid-19 after appearing on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on Saturday (28/11/2020) and Sunday (29/11/2020).

This automatically had an impact on the other artists and event staff who have been in contact with him having to undergo Covid-19 checks.

2. Kogyeol UP10TION

Kogyeol – Twitter

Following Bit-to, Kogyeol becomes the next UP10TION member to be exposed to Covid-19. Through the UP10TION agency, TOP Media officially announced the news on Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020. The good news is that the other members’ examinations for Covid-19 all resulted negative.


Yiren – Pinterest

Not only boy group UP10TION, rookie girl group EVERGLOW members has also tested positive for Covid-19. The first member was Yiren. This news was immediately released by their agency Yuehua Entertainment at the same date as Kogyeol’s, on Tuesday (01/12/2020).

Yiren checked herself after making contact with an acquaintance who was infected with the Corona virus on Sunday, Nov 22, 2020.

4. Sihyeon EVERGLOW

Sihyeon – Pinterest

Apart from Yiren, her fellow member and dorm-mate, namely Sihyeon, also contracted Covid-19. The other EVERGLOW members did the test immediately after. As a result, four members tested negative. However, they still have to undergo self-quarantine.


k-pop idols
Yoon hak – Twitter

This news has been around quite long ago, but Yoon Hak is a K-Pop idol from boy group SUPERNOVA who was declared infected with Covid-19 on Wednesday (01/03/2020) after completing his individual promotional activities in Japan at the end of March. Yoon Hak became the first South Korean celebrity to be infected with this virus.

The happy news is, Yoon Hak was declared cured of this virus in May 2020 after undergoing self-quarantine and intensive care in the hospital.

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