Kdrama Quiz: Find Out the Charismatic Lawyer in Korean Drama Who Will Fight for You in Court!

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Recently, lawyer becomes one of charismatic characters in Korean drama. Besides, law is the most thrilling genre including its intense conflict and detail issues. We also thank the production team for casting the right actors to create such charismatic lawyer figure. Here, we compile 5 charismatic lawyer figures in Korean drama. So, take this fun quiz to find out who will fight for your rights in court!

lawyer in korean drama quiz by kepoper

  • Question of

    Which character that represents you?

    lee hanee the fiery priest
    • Fearless and lil bit reckless
    • Smart and independent
    • Assertive and insistent
    • Sporty and strong
    • Girly but humorist
  • Question of

    Based on your opinion, what’s the most interesting law case to examine?

    • International crimes
    • Crazy rich problems like divorce or asset/ property dispute
    • Murder and violences
    • Defamation
    • Celebrity scandals
  • Question of

    What comes in your mind as you hear the word “lawyer”

    Song Joongki and Jeon Yeobin Vincenzo
    • Multi-talented one who can win all types of cases
    • Ideal one: smart, elegant, symbol of success
    • Grey character: could be villain and hero at the same time
    • Justice warrior who fights for society and innocent people
    • Hard-worker, workaholic, and what the hell is love?
  • Question of

    Which is the most unforgivable crime based on your opinion?

    • Corruption and tax evasion
    • Infidelity
    • Murder
    • Slander and libel
    • Media bribery, manipulation toward public opinion
  • Question of

    What describe you most when you are in love

    • Stay cool but secretly care
    • Completely a fool!
    • Try to be humorist
    • Care for him
    • Awkward to express my feeling


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