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School 2021 Starring WEi’s Kim Yohan is Confirmed to Air on KBS2TV

KBS 2TV’s’ ‘School 2021’ (produced by King’s Land, S.R. Pictures) is a drama about teenagers from specialized high school who want to find their own dreams, when everyone tries to go on a narrow path of college. It tells the stories of teenagers who wander and grow from what they like and do well, maintaining friendship, getting courage from love, and grow up in a fierce workplace, they plan to form a consensus with the youth of this era.

‘School 2021’ was originally scheduled for production in the second half of this year under the name of ‘School 2020’ but the program was postponed after undergoing script revisions, re-casting and production restructuring. ‘School 2021’ which is originally produced, attracting attention as it is said to meet viewers through the small screen in the first half of next year.

In response, the production team said, “We thank Kim Yohan and everyone who has been waiting for the school drama for a long time. We will do our best to repay you with a good work”.

The drama is drawing attention after Kim Yohan, a member of the group WEi, has confirmed his appearance as the male lead. Do Bin, played by Kim Yohan, is a passionate student who gains courage in love and friendship as well as trying to succeed at both work and studying. Expectations are rising on Kim Yohan’s performance in ‘School 2021’, who is showing a variety of charms as a member of WEi and solo artist.

KBS2TV’s ‘School 2021’ which has confirmed Kim Yohan’s appearance as the male lead, is scheduled to air in the first half of 2021.

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