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The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won

The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won: Joo Sang Wook, Kim Young Chul, Park Jin Hee, Ye Ji Won

the king of tears lee bang won cast synopsis
Credit: KBS

General Information

  • International Title: The King of Tears, Lee Bang-Won
  • Original Title: 태종 이방원 (romanization: Taejong, Yi Bang Won)
  • Genre: Action, Historical, Political Thriller
  • Episode: 32
  • Airing Date: 2021.12.11 ~ 2022.03.27
  • Airing Slot: Saturday & Sunday at 21:40 KST
  • Broadcasting: KBS1
  • International Distributor: KBS
  • Starring: Joo Sang Wook, Kim Young Chul, Park Jin Hee, Ye Ji Won
  • Director: Kim Hyeong Il & Shim Jae Hyun
  • Writer: Lee Jung Woo
  • Highest Rating: TBA
  • Awards: N/A


The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won follows the ambition of Yi Bang Woon in establishing Empire of Joseon. The set takes place within the end of the Goryeo Dynasty era and the early Joseon Dynasty new order.

Main Cast

the king of tears lee bang won joo sang wook
Credit: KBS

Character name: Yi Bang Won
Actor name: Joo Sang Wook
Joo Sang Wook’s notable works: Touch, Birth of a Beauty, Good Doctor, The Thorn Birds, The Great Queen Seondeok

the king of tears lee bang won kim young chul

Credit: KBS

Character name: Lee Seong Gye
Actor name: Kim Young Chul
Kim Young Chul’s notable works: The Con Artists (movie), Times, Criminal Minds, My Father is Strange, Jang Youngsil: The Greatest Scientist of Joseon, IRIS 2, The Innocent Man, Moon and Stars for You, IRIS, etc

the king of tears lee bang won park jin hee
Credit: KBS

Character name: Queen Wonkyung
Actress name: Park Jin Hee
Park Jin Hee’s notable works: Shadows in the Palace (movie), Taxi Driver, War of Money, Come Back Soon-ae!, etc

ye ji won drama
Credit: KBS

Character name: Queen Sindeok
Actress name: Ye Ji Won
Ye Ji Won’s notable works: Homme Fatale (movie), Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Dinner Mate, Still 17, My Shy Boss, Another Miss Oh, etc

Extended Cast

Uhm Hyo Sup as Yi Bang Woo
Kim Myung Soo as Yi Bang Gwa
Hong Kyung In as Yi Bang Ui
Jo Sun Chang as Yi Bang Gan
Ye Su Jung as Queen Sinui
Seon Dong Hyuk as Yi Ji Ran
Tae Hang Ho as Yi Hwa Sang
Lee Won Bal as Yi Hwa
Kim Kyu Chul as Min Je
Lee Eung Kyung as Lady Song
Kim Tae Han as Min Mu Gu
Noh Sang Bo as Min Mu Jil
Oh Seung Joon as Yi Bang Beon
Kim Jin Sung as Yi Bang Seok
Jang Tae Hoon as Yi Je

Lee Kwang Gi as Jeong Do Jeon
Choi Jong Hwan Jeong Mong Joo
Lim Ji Kyu as King Woo
Song Yong Tae as Choi Young
Nam Sung Jin as Ha Ryun
Kim Bup Rae as Jo Young Moo
Kim Geon as Jo Young Gyu
Noh Young Guk as Jo Jun
Lee Ki Yeol as Nam Eun
Park Yoo Seung as Yoon So Jong
Nam Myung Ryul as Yi Saek
Kim Young Gi as Kwon Geun
Lim Byung Gi as Byun Ahn Ryeol
Park Hyung Joon as Wang Yo
Kim Bo Mi as Lady Ahn
Park Sang Jo as Jo Min Soo

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Original Soundtrack


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Awards & Nominations



  • The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won becomes the first KBS1 historical drama after 5 years since Jang Young Sil in 2016
  • The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won reunites Joo Sang Wook and Park Jin Hee after 11 years since drama Giant

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