5 Hilarious Moments of THE BOYZ Members versus Chairs!

the boyz members versus chairs

THE BOYZ members versus chairs; it’s something that seems familiar to THE Bs. Uh-huh. THE BOYZ has lots of hilarious moments when some of the members fall off chairs. Want to know who? Check them out below!

1. Eric


— ً (@tiny__eric) September 29, 2020 “>

To promote their comeback song “The Stealer”, THE BOYZ has appeared on several shows both on television and YouTube channels. One of them is an eating program on YouTube channel owned by famous comedians Kim Sook and Lee Youngja. Here, they are served a lot of meat. Now a funny thing happened to Eric who was excited to sit down to eat. The chair shakes and he falls! Look at New and Q’s expressions! They are laughing so hard!! LOL! What a ‘good’ friend, huh!

2. Q

just ji changmin falling off from his chair

— jes ☃️ 에릭의생일 d-13 (@cuddleric) May 5, 2020 “>

In one episode of “THE PLAY”, all the members of THE BOYZ wear baseball costumes and play quite a brainy game. They play a lot with numbers, and there is one moment that will make you laugh. It’s because Q was so busy laughing at the other members’ jokes that he fell out of his chair. Gosh! Really … (And, there’s a time when he fell off the chair again. It happened when they appeared on ‘Weekly Idol’)

3. Kevin

[200525] Kevin falling because of Jacob#더보이즈 #케빈 #제이콥 #THEBOYZ #JACOB #KEVIN

— the boyz pics #CHASE (@tbzpics_) May 25, 2020 “>

Previously, in an episode of V Live with Kevin and Jacob, there was also a moment when Kevin fell from a chair. The most recent one was when the 98 lines were broadcasting V Live. The broadcast took place on the rooftop of their agency building, and if you paid attention, Kevin was seen shaking his chair. In the early minutes, New was seen quite helping him not to fall. But, at the end it seemed like New has had it enough. He pushed the chair instead and let it fall, LOL! But don’t worry; the base is synthetic grass, so Kevin’s safe!

4. New

chanhee fell from his chair-

— jes ☃️ 에릭의생일 d-13 (@cuddleric) June 29, 2020 “>

On his V Live broadcast with Q, New intends to show his work playing with stickers. Because the chair used is a wheeled chair, when he’s about to sit, the chair was automatically pushed back and New then fell on the floor. You can even hear the sound! It was quite loud when he fell, OMG! It must be so painful, *cry* poor him! As usual, there was Q who immediately laughed hilariously witnessing New’s bad luck!

5. Juyeon

just juyeon falling off his chair#더보이즈 #주연 @WE_THE_BOYZ

juyeon loops (@juyeonsloop) September 8, 2020 “>

The latest moment of THE BOYZ versus the chair was of Juyeon. It happened on the same V Live broadcast as the one in which Kevin also fell off his chair. Indeed, the Cre.ker Entertainment rooftop area is that annoying, it makes a lot of people sway from their chairs, HAHA! And again, Q is the witness of this THE BOYZ’s member VS the chair moment. THE B might immediately flashback to the old-school moment on the 1theK channel, when Juyeon, who wanted to sit down, didn’t realize that her chair had fallen, and he also immediately fell sitting down! I swear it’s a weird moment when you don’t know if you’ll laugh or be worried. He’s so cute but poor him!

 So, that’s all. Do you think there is another moment of THE BOYZ versus the chair that we missed?

What do you think?


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