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Akdong Musician Have Renewed Their Contract with YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment officially announced on January 26 that the agency has signed a 5-year renewal contract with Akdong Musician’s (AKMU) Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Soohyun after their 7-year contract period ended this year.

AKMU is a top-notch sibling duo that is recognized not only for popular popularity but also for their musical artistry. AKMU received attention for their appearance in ‘SBS K-Pop Star Season 2’ in 2012. The duo made its official debut under YG Entertainment in 2014.

Since then, they have become the public’s favorite by demonstrating their amazing composition and lyrics writing skills with full trust and support from YG Entertainment. As they have produced numerous hit songs over the past seven years, their actions have drawn great attention as they have emerged as a hot topic in the entertainment industry.

What is particularly noticeable about this renewal of YG Entertainment and AKMU is that groups are usually disbanded or moved to another agency after their 7-year contract expired. The number 7 has become a jinx for K-Pop fans in general. Many artists commonly signed a short-term contract for their second term (usually 2 years), but in the case of AKMU, the duo signed renewal contract for another 5 years. Such contract terms wouldn’t be possible without infinite trust in each other.

AKMU members shared their thoughts regarding their contract renewal.

Lee Chanhyuk expresses his trust in YG, “Honestly, it is hard to find a company besides YG that put their singers as a priority. For 7 years, without any small friction or disagreement, they have reliably supported us in the direction we want to go, and has led us well.”

In particular, AKMU’s Lee Soohyun’s impressions also attract attention. Lee Soohyun shared, “There is never once we ever thought of leaving YG unless we decide to retire from the industry.”

YG Entertainment responded, “Although they are still young friends, they are deeply thoughtful and very mature. All YG executives and employees were greatly moved by the news of AKMU’s long-term contract renewal. We guarantee that YG will not spare more support for AKMU in the future, and I will do our best to help them grow as artists.”

YG and AKMU have continued a more stable and reassuring musical partnership through the contract renewal. As AKMU is always loved by the public for its high-quality music and strong sensibility, the new songs to be released in 2021 and their active activities are also raising expectations.

Meanwhile, YG is attracting attention as they keep delivering good news one after another, such as a renewal contract with top actor Kang Dongwon recently. YG hosts outstanding global artists such as BLACKPINK, BIGBANG, AKMU, Winner, iKON, Treasure, Sechskies, as well as many top actors such as Kang Dongwon and Cha Seungwon.

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