Sun Oh or Hye Yeong? Find Your Soulmate from Love Alarm Characters

Source: The Swoon Netflix

Love Alarm 2 is one of the most-awaited series on Netflix this month and stars 3 main characters. In this new sequel, we still see Kim Sohyun (Jojo), Song Kang (Sun Oh), and Jung Garam (Hye Yeong). Surely, the love triangle continues in season 2. We have no clue whoโ€™s in Jojoโ€™s heart. Well, it is quite confusing for Jojo to choose between two guys. If you were Jojo, who would fit you best? Letโ€™s take the fun quiz below!

Love Alarm 2 Characters
Source: The Swoon Netflix

  • Question of

    Pick your ideal boyfriend:

    • Cool boy (tsundere)
    • Warm and shy
  • Question of

    How do you deal with unrequited love?

    Sun Oh Love Alarm Characters
    • Keep trying to convince your love
    • See him from apart as long as he is happy
  • Question of

    Whatโ€™s more precious thing in this world?

    • Love
    • Friendship
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    Your romantic date will be:

    • Holding hands along the boulevard during autumn
    • Picnic near Han River during summer
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    What do you think about dating the most popular boy at school?

    • That sounds cool! Like dream comes true!
    • Iโ€™m more comfortable with the ordinary one like a nerd


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