Find Your Inner Queen Quiz: The Penthouse Character That Match Your Personality

the penthouse character fun quiz
Source: SBS

Nothing is more thrilling than the intense conflict of The Penthouse female character. Perhaps we are used to watching men rivalry or conflict like in Start Up and True Beauty drama. However, conflict within women is way more intense and emotional. We agree that the center of this drama is three queens: Lee Ji-Ah as Shim Soo-Ryeon, Kim So-Yeon as Cheon Seo-Jin, and Eugene as Oh Yoon-Hee. Each character has own personality that represents an alpha female. So, which The Penthouse female character that match your personality? It’s a fun quiz, gurls! Don’t take it seriously.

the penthouse character fun quiz
Source: SBS

  • Question of

    You are invited to the ball. What’s the perfect outfit to steal the spotlight?

    the penthouse character quiz
    • Classy little black dress with pearl necklace like Audrey Hepburn
    • The sexy one like backless dress with glamorous jewelry
    • The modest dress but looks elegant with statement earrings
  • Question of

    Pick your statement lipstick

    • Pink mauve or hint of berry color
    • The bold one like classic red
    • Nude brown or peach
  • Question of

    What’s your dream branded bags?

    • Chanel
    • Hermes
    • Louis Vuitton
  • Question of

    Your favorite Disney movie will be:

    • Tangled
    • Maleficent
    • Alice in Wonderland
  • Question of

    What issue that suddenly makes you insecure?

    • When it comes to family
    • Failure/ unaccomplished thing like career
    • When people underestimate/ belittle me
  • Question of

    Define yourself

    • Calm and elegant
    • Determined and fierce
    • Smart and independent


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