5 Interesting Facts about the High-Rated Korean Drama Alice

korean drama Alice

Korean drama Alice became one of the successful Korean dramas this season. From the very beginning, it has made viewers fall in love and has achieved high ratings. Replacing Backstreet Rookie, this SBS drama also has a number of interesting facts. What are they? Here are 5 facts about the Korean drama Alice:

1. Joo Won’s Comeback Drama after serving in the army

In February last year, Joo Won had completed his military service. During his hiatus after his military service, Joo Won had received offers of approximately 50 drama titles. But his choice landed on Korean drama Alice. Joo Won is known through numerous hit dramas such as Yong Pal, Naeil’s Cantabile, and My Sassy Girl. Alice became his comeback drama after being on hiatus for the past 3 years.

2. Veteran actress Kim Hee Sun was chosen as the female lead

In Alice, Joo Won acted alongside actress Kim Hee Sun as the female lead. She has starred in popular dramas such as The Lady in Dignity, Angry Mom, and Room No. 9. The collaboration between Hee Sun and Joo Won is highly anticipated by Korean drama lovers.

3. Bringing up science-fiction genre

Alice took the Sci-Fi theme which also featured romance between the main characters. This drama aired in 32 episodes, each of which is 35-minutes long. Alice presented the audience with a unique story behind technology, the future, and a sweet romance.

4. Directed by Baek Soo Chan

Reliable director, Baek Soo Chan, is the mastermind behind the success of the Korean drama Alice. He is known to have experience working on notable Korean drama projects and movies. The movie Tazza, drama Reunite Worlds, Beautiful Gong Shim, and A Girl Who Sees Smells are part of his hits productions.

5. Interesting and engaging story line that makes us curious

The Korean drama Alice tells about a boy named Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) who was born without emotions. While in middle school, Jin Gyeom was accused of pushing another child off the roof. This case made Park Sun Young, Jin Gyeom’s mother demanded justice that her son was innocent.

However, Park Sun Young was eventually killed for doing this action. Suddenly, Jin Gyeom couldn’t hold back his emotions and wanted to take revenge until he succeeded in becoming a detective in a police force.

 Jin Gyeom intends to uncover his mother’s case, but to his confusion, the culprit’s fingerprints are undetected. During that difficult time, Jin Gyeom met a genius physicist, Yoon Tae Yi, who had the face of his late mother. From this brief meeting, they met again in 2050, where, oddly enough, Jin Gyeom leapt through time using a tool called Alice. The two agreed to unite and not only investigate cases in the past, but also find other truths about the secrets of time travel.

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