Here Are 5 Popular Korean Actors Acted Alongside Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won’s co-stars besides Lee Joon Gi and Song Joong Ki

Moon Chae Won
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Actress Moon Chae Won is back in the spotlight after her comeback with tvN’s latest drama, Flower of Evil. Before playing in this drama, she was also the lead actress in several other hit dramas. She co-starred with a number of well-known and popular actors, like Lee Joon Gi and Song Joong Ki. The following is a list of Moon Chae Won’s co-actors in the dramas she has starred in and has successfully made her name even more popular.

1. Yoon Hyun Min – Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018)

This drama tells the story of a fairy living in the era of the Goryeo Kingdom named Sun Ok Nam (Moon Chae Won). Unexpectedly, when she was bathing in a waterfall there was a young woodcutter who took her clothes. The fairy who could not return to heaven ended up marrying the woodcutter and had two children.

Bad luck keeps coming to Ok Nam, who finds her husband killed in an accident, falling into a cliff. Desperate Ok Nam finally decided to wait for her husband to reincarnate. After 699 years, she met two young men, Jung Yi Hyun (played by Yoon Hyun Min) and Kim Geum (played by Seo Ji Hoon), one of whom was believed to be her husband.

2. Lee Joon Gi – Criminal Minds (2017)

Before being reunited in Flower of Evil, Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi had acted together in the drama titled Criminal Minds. Adapted from the American series of the same title, this Korean drama tells the story of a second generation police officer, Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) who joins the National Criminal Investigation (NCI).

Meanwhile Moon Chae Won plays Ha Sun Woo, a field agent and NCI’s behavioral analyst. She teams up with Hyun Joon. Together, they try to solve difficult cases, including a murder case that killed the wife of Kang Ki Hyung (played by Son Hyun Joo).

3. Lee Jin Wook – Goodbye Mr. Black (2016)

Drama ketiga adalah Goodbye Mr. Black, dimana Moon Chae Won beradu akting dengan aktor Lee Jin Wook. Menceritakan tentang Cha Ji Won, seorang perwira angkatan laut yang jatuh ke dalam sebuah jebakan setelah sahabatnya, Min Sun Jae (Kim Kang Woo) tega mengkhianatinya.

Hidup Ji Won seketika hancur dan akhirnya ia memutuskan untuk menikahi Kim Swan (Moon Chae Won) untuk menyembunyikan identitasnya. Tak disangka pernikahan palsu ini membuat Ji Won benar-benar jatuh cinta pada Kim Swan.

4. Joo Won – Good Doctor (2013)

Bringing up different genre from the drama above, this one describes the medical world. Park Shi On (Joo Won) is a young man who has savant syndrome and a developmental disability but managed to become a pediatrician.

While working at his new hospital, Shi On meets Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won), a resident in the same division with him. At first, Yoon Seo didn’t really like Shi On. But, after seeing his abilities and circumstances, she began to sympathize and open her heart to Shi On.

5. Song Joong Ki – The Innocent Man (2012) 

This last drama is quite phenomenal. It tells the story of Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki), a fairly reliable medical student. Due to an incident committed by his girlfriend, he had to suffer behind the bars for 5 years.

Once getting out of the jail, Ma Roo turned into an accomplished con artist and liked to go after rich girls’ money. Fate brings him together with Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), a single heir who is related to his past. Ma Roo finally plans to get revenge by approaching Eun Gi.

Now, those are 5 of the most phenomenal co-stars of Moon Chae Won. Who has the best chemistry with her?

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