Kim Yohan 5 Amazing Moments that Happened in 2020!

2020’s Kim Yohan is becoming one of the most popular K-Pop idols, here are the amazing moments from Kim Yohan WEi!

X1’s center Kim Yohan probably went through a lot of difficult times after the serious problems regarding ‘Produce X 101’, causing the group to disband. If after disbanding, some of his groupmates return to their old group, or debut in their new group, Yohan also has many offers from dramas and variety shows in 2020.

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So there, from being a guest star or a regular member of variety shows, Yohan became one of the K-Pop idols who are on the rise. Little by little, the hard times after X1 disbanded have begun to disappear, replaced by fun and amazing moments that made Yohan and his fans happy.

Below are 5 of some amazing moments that happened to Kim Yohan in 2020.

Debut in boy group WEi!

OUI Entertainment announced that WEi will be making their official debut with the single “TWILIGHT” on October 5, 2020. The highlight of the title song ‘TWILIGHT’ is that Flow Blow and PENTAGON’s Hui took part in composing the song, along with WEi’s member Daehyeon. Finally, Kim Yohan’s waiting for his debut this year and coming back in the group came too! Watch the MV of WEi’s “TWILIGHT” in the video above!

Starred in the remake of the Chinese drama “A Love So Beautiful”

A Love So Beautiful & Kim Yohan So Juyeon - Clover Blossoms & SBS News

Some time ago, it was confirmed that Yohan will be starring in the drama remake of the popular Chinese drama – “A Love So Beautiful”. He will act along with actress So Juyeon who was born in 1993. Kim Yohan will be playing Chaheon, a charming and smart 17-year-old high school student who attends Chunji High School. Gosh, can’t wait for actor Kim Yohan!

Epic collaboration with CIX’s Bae Jinyoung!

CIX’s Bae Jinyoung and Kim Yohan worked together on this epic collaboration for Pepsi. The duo appeared and released a remake of senior singer Shin Seunghoon’s “I Believe”. One unique fact about them is that Bae Jinyoung competed in Produce 101 Season 2 and debuted in Wanna One. Meanwhile, Kim Yohan himself is an alumnus of Produce X 101 and has debuted in X1. Aren’t they really perfect together?! 2020’s Kim Yohan has lots of friends!

Become a new variety show member & a popular variety show guest star!

Tthis year, Kim Yohan has guest-starred on many popular Korean variety shows. Some of them are “Radio Star”, “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”, and “Convenience Store Restaurant”. In addition, Yohan is also a regular member of the variety show “War of Villains” – a program that brings together its members with other musicians to carry out a music project. The most iconic thing about this show is the interaction between Yohan and Jessi, which is really cute!

Releasing a solo single!

Before officially debuting with WEi, Kim Yohan released a solo single called “No More”. This song was made by Zion T. and Yohan also participated in writing the lyrics for some of its verses. This song is his gratitude for the fans who continue to support him until the current Kim Yohan 2020. Wow, so proud of him!

Which other Kim Yohan 2020’s amazing moments make you happy?


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