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Shin Hyesun Drama List You Should Watch Before Mr. Queen

Meet our hilarious Queen Soyong, Shin Hyesun from Mr. Queen drama. This ongoing drama is simply fun to watch on the weekend. The interesting thing is not only about the genre but also Shin Hyesun’s performance to live up the character. She nails the character with doubled-personalities. However, do you know that Shin Hyesun has started her debut since 2013? She has been working with prominent actors such as Lee Jeongsuk, Kim Woobin, Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Park Seojun, Choi Siwon, Lee Minho, Jun Jihyun, etc.

1. School 2013 – Shin Hyesun First Drama

School 2013: Shin Hyesun first drama
Credit: KBS Drama

Do you notice that she also appears in School 2013 as supporting role? Shin Hyesun makes debut in School 2013 drama starring Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin. Besides, this drama also stars popular actors such as Choi Daniel, Jang Nara, Shin Hyesun, Lee Yikyung, and Lee Jihoon. It tells about two teachers who struggle with complicated students to improve students’ score. They have to deal with second-year students who come from different backgrounds and problems. If you prefer less romance drama, this one is perfect to watch. Although Shin Hyesun gets minor role in this drams, she still gives her best performance.

2. She Was Pretty (2015)

Credit: MBC Drama

This one might be underrated Korean drama but it stars popular actors such as Park Seojun, Hwang Jungeum, and Choi Siwon. It tells about Hwang Jungeum who feels insecure with her current look and unready to meet her childhood friend, Park Seojun. She is afraid he will be disappointed after find out that she’s not like a girl he used to know. She used to be pretty when she was a child. She asks her best friend who is much prettier to pretend to be her. Do you notice that Shin Hyesun also participates in this drama? She still has minor role as Hwang Jungeum’s senior co-worker in fashion magazine.

3. The Legend of The Blue Sea (2017)

Credit: SBS Drama

Its drama combines three genres (fantasy, romance, comedy) starring Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun as the main casts. Both are lovers and try to find each other after reincarnation. Jun Jihyun is a mermaid from Joseon era and tries to survive in modern world. She falls in love with chaebol’s son, Lee Minho. Meanwhile, Shin Hyesun plays a role as Cha Shi Ah, Lee Minho’s friend. She is the researcher in KAIST dealing with ancient artifacts. So, Jun Jihyun really counts on her to survive in this modern world. In this drama, Shin Hyesun acting skill begins to receive more recognition than her previous dramas. Although it is a supporting role, but she gets more scenes and important role.

4. Still 17 (2018) – Turning Point of Shin Hyesun Achievement in Drama

Shin Hyesun as lead female in drama
Credit: SBS Drama

She gets the main role in Still 17 or Thirty But Seventeen. She plays a role as a seventeen year old girl who has been coma for 13 years due to tragic accident. When she awakes, she is already 30 years old but her mental age is still 17. She lost contact with her aunt, uncle, and her house. However, he finds there is a man who currently lives at that house. He is Yang Sejong, a thirty year old set designer. He doesn’t believe in love relationship due to trauma 13 years ago. However, things change after they live together in that house. They start to fall in love. Thanks to her performance, it leads to other opportunity to get the lead role for the next project.

5. Angel’s Las Mission: Love (2019) – Shin Hyesun Best Drama before Mr. Queen

Shin Hyesun best drama
Credit: KBS Drama

A good fortune comes to her as she receives the lead role again in Angel’s Last Mission: Love. This drama brings a unique plot, a romance with touch of fantasy. Shin Hyesun is paired with Kim Myungsoo or L Infinite. She is a ballerina and later falls in love with an angel (Kim Myungsoo) who has special mission on earth. Her performance as a ballerina in this drama receives much recognition. Moreover, her special chemistry with Kim Myungsoo simply captivates us. Although it brings the melodrama vibes, we can still feel the beauty of this drama. It can be said that it is one of Shin Hyesun’s best dramas. She is even awarded as Best Actress and Best Couple Award with Kim Myungsoo in 2019 KBS Drama Awards.

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